DigitalCurrencyTraders is a unique and topic-focused crypto education
publication on Medium inviting new contributing writers to grow with us.

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Digital Currency Traders are a growing group of authors who share our diverse and educated personal views of our own crypto experience.

We are seeking to add new writers bringing different perspectives about crypto, investing and personal wealth building. Our editorial team embraces diversity, values our writers, and helps them find their writing voice in a collaborative platform.

DigitalCurrencyTraders is a unique and topic-focused publication on Medium inviting new contributing writers to grow with us on Medium. 

We are seeking to add new writers
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We looking for people who are actual crypto traders, enthusiasts, content producers and influencers.

Do you trade crypto?

This publication is intended to provide new and experienced crypto traders a place to talk about how your approach is working for you.

Do you teach crypto?

This publication is intended to help crypto schools, crypto protocols, metaverse worlds, NFT market places and trading instructors to grow your cryptocurrency business with SEO friendly links back to your website and social profiles.

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Writer Community Support

After you apply to join our diverse team, we’ll upgrade your status in our crypto community on Discord. This moderated public community is optional for our writers. We value personal and authentic experiences from new and seasoned voices in crypto, NFTs, DeFi, the Metaverse and so much more!

Our writers provide support and encouragement for each other. As a community, we encourage and guide all ethical writers at any level (beginners are welcome and the most accomplished writers are encouraged to mentor others).

We create a collaborative atmosphere where we can all take the next step toward our success while supported by the enthusiasm of the group!

What Makes Us Different?

We are looking for quality over quantity.

Personal and authentic experiences are helpful both for the writer and for the reader.

We each come to crypto for different reasons because we are each on a different stage of our financial abundance. Some are working two jobs while learning about crypto while feeding a family, while others are lifting from a strong income stream to greater wealth.

Many authors will be new students who may be beginners creating their first investment journal, while other authors will be wealthy with years of successful trading experience. You are all welcome to share your authentic crypto trading perspectives here.

These are the kind of articles we will publish:

  • Original, unpublished works submitted to our editorial team will be considered.
  • Only submit one article per day, wait for our editors to approve/request revisions, and then submit a second article.
  • Personal, first person experiences with crypto, trading, and wealth building.
  • Tell us what you do in your crypto project or investment research.
  • Tell us how it makes you feel.
  • Tell us why you do it.
  • Tell us every day as you move through your trading plan.
  • We want to look over your shoulder so we can learn from your experience.

What Doesn’t Work

  • Bland, Generic, AI Generated, SEO Tuned, Keyword-stuffed… I can spot that stuff fast and it just won’t work.
  • Advice type articles telling us what we ‘should’ do. Those won’t work.
  • Third-person advice? Meh.

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