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Cryptocurrency Rags To Riches

My CryptoCurrency Trading methodology, presented in the order I would teach my younger self. 

Starting with principles of money that profoundly affect your long term wealth, this book uncovers the practical series of steps that I took that prepared me to achieve dramatic financial success trading cryptocurrencies!

From Zero Bitcoin To $200K in 867 Days

My first bitcoin were Changetip Donations from YouTube viewers, and I was able to grow my bitcoin holdings by 10x in 2015, and 10x again in 2016 – before the dramatic profits in 2017!

But my journey to success in trading started in 1995 – long before Bitcoin was invented.  In my book, I share my trading methodology – and the masters I learned from.

I hope my book shortens YOUR journey to financial success!

Read more about my ‘Life Mission’ on my new Steemit Profile