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CryptoCurrency Trading Course


Course Registration Closed until February!

I’m very grateful to be working with so many experienced and beginner traders inside our Cryptocurrency Trading Course!
We have over 70 active traders with the lifetime membership – and with my full time trading, I’m pretty much putting in all the time I can!
August marks the close of Cryptocurrency Trading Course registration for 2016.  

Because my wife and I are expecting a newborn soon, 

 I plan to take the next few months to cook, clean, change diapers and do laundry ;-)… while trading and working with our group of 70+ members…

The ZERO Birthday Sale

On (or around) the day our daughter is born, we will host a one-day super-special sale.  All proceeds will be printed onto paper wallets, stored in trust, until after she graduates University!

Find out which Bitcoin Conference I’ll be attending next!

In February of 2017, I’ll be speaking in Las Vegas at a Bitcoin Conference that is now getting organized, and I will launch of the Cryptocurrency Trading Course and new trading community website at the same time!